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Water Features, Outdoor Lighting, & Water Management

Specializing in water features and landscape lighting systems, we offer a complete suite of services  for owners of gardens and landscapes.  

We have a passion for creating, building, and installing systems -- converting your vision of your yard to reality.  We can also restore, renovate, and maintain your existing landscape systems.  

-Water Feature/Pond Cleaning, Renovation, Repair, & Maintenance

-Landscape Lighting Installation, Repair, Renovation, & Maintenance

-Drainage Installation & Repair

-Irrigation Renovation & Repair

-Backflow Testing & Repair

-Pressure Washing, Beauty Bark, & Other Cosmetic Services


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Outdoor Lighting


Outdoor Lighting


We offer complete low-voltage landscape lighting options from maintenance on existing systems up to complete new installations.  We can service your water feature fixtures or add new ones while servicing your pond to maximize its impact but also help with any low-voltage outdoor lighting project you have in mind.


LIGHTING TUNEUPS:  For the basic lighting tuneup we run through your entire system, document and evaluate it, and get all major components, bulbs, and fixtures operating properly.  The goal is to leave your system operating automatically with all fixtures working and timer set to your desired specifications.  After ensuring that all components are functioning we can also provide consultation regarding any modifications or adjustments you may want, such as expanding your lighting system, upgrading your timer(s), or converting the system to LED.  

LIGHTING REPAIRS: We can also schedule a visit to repair issues with your lighting system.  Wire, fixture, socket, splice, stake, and transformer repairs are all within our capabilities and we arrive stocked with repair parts necessary for most lighting fixes.  

LED CONVERSIONS: One of the most common modifications we conduct these days is the upgrade from traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs to modern LEDs.  As the LED industry matures, the options for upgrading become continually more affordable, more reliable, and the available options more varied.  Almost every common socket type now has multiple replacement options that allow us to choose light intensity, color/temperature, and even the light angle/spread of certain types of fixtures.  Since LEDs use only 20-30% of the power of their halogen/incandescent equivalents, have a much larger operating voltage range, and last 10-20 years on average, the choice to convert an existing non-LED system to high-quality LEDs is an easy one.  Estimates for converting your system to LEDs are complimentary.

INSTALLATIONS & RENOVATIONS: At no cost, we can set an appointment to consult with you regarding either expanding/renovating your existing system or installing one completely from scratch.  Our goal is to turn your vision for your landscape at night into reality so you can get the most out of your landscape after the sun goes down.  Too many beautiful, functional landscapes are left useless and dark during the nighttime when they could, with our help and expertise, be turned into an after-hours living space for you and your family and friends.  Lighting systems and water features also go hand-in hand, and any water feature without a fully functional, well-designed lighting system is not reaching its full potential.  Outdoor lighting can be used for more than beauty but are also used for security and functionality.  Even the simplest lighting configuration done properly can make an enormous impact on the beauty and functionality of your water feature and landscape.  

Water On The Rocks

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