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Specializing in water features and landscape lighting systems, we offer a complete suite of services  for owners of gardens and landscapes.  

We have a passion for creating, building, and installing systems -- converting your vision of your yard to reality.  We can also restore, renovate, and maintain your existing landscape systems.  

-Water Feature/Pond Cleaning, Renovation, Repair, & Maintenance

-Landscape Lighting Installation, Repair, Renovation, & Maintenance

-Drainage Installation & Repair

-Irrigation Renovation & Repair

-Backflow Testing & Repair

-Pressure Washing, Beauty Bark, & Other Cosmetic Services


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Water Feature Services


Water Feature Services


Water Feature / Pond Design & Installation

Water Feature /  Pond Renovation

Water Feature / Pond Cleaning / Maintenance

Water Feature Pond Repair


Water Feature/Pond Cleaning service

Cleaning your pond serves several key purposes, helping to restore it's good original look, preserve it's life span, protect your investment, also a necessity for your health, health of your family and pets, as well as your fish. The decomposed debris, sludge, and algae, on the bottom and in the cracks between the rockery harbor the growth of parasites and bacteria that can be dangerous, even in some cases generate gasses harmful to you and your ponds ecosystem.

The honest truth cleaning a pond and or water feature is a dirty, nasty, smelly job. So let us do that for you. We provide the absolute highest professional cleaning service on the east side, for the Emerald city of Seattle, along with our good neighbors to the north in Snohomish county. Our service will restore your Pond, Waterfall, Fountain, and or stream to the beautiful focal point attraction it was intended and designed to be.

Our Service includes
*Draining existing pond water to suitable safe location
*Removal of sludge, decaying debris, such as leaves algae, organic material, fish waste
*Pressure wash throughout entire pond, stream bed, waterfall, and boulders to restore there color and preserve life of building materials
*Pump Inspection and maintenance
*Pond filters cleaning and inspection to insure optimal performance
*Clean all underwater lights and inspect for burnt out bulbs
*Make minor adjustments to rockery stonework as needed
*Excess plant growth is trimmed and thinned
*Pond liner examined for damage, leaks, and liner movements that should be corrected.
*Inspect UV filtration System if applicable
*Vacuum Pond floor for remaining excess small debris during our final rinse process
*Begin filling the pond and re introducing your fish back into there remodeled home

When and if fish are present, we bring out our fish hotel a temporary tank of the size needed to hold and care for all of your fish safely. We use your existing pond water to fill the tank to ensure a familiar, stress free environment for your fish during our cleaning process. by adding a circulation pump, aeration system we ensure a good healthy oxygen supply, along with covered netting for safety while they visit the hotel as they are our guests.

Pond Renovation

Statistically they say an average pond owner will go through three ponds in their lifetime. We at Water on the Rocks find this to be very accurate and true as a large percentage of our business is remodels / renovations. Maybe you built it yourself with a few friends, perhaps a landscaper, or landscape company, even another pond company that no longer exists, or it may have been there when you purchased your new home. Regardless of how it got there, you have a pond or water feature in your yard and it needs a face lift and help. There could be good things you love, and possibly a few things u despise about your existing feature. let us make it what u want.

Our team renovates dozens of Ponds and water features every year. A renovation can be as simple as adding a safety edge to an existing pond, re doing and adding new rockery to brighten your pond, as the rocks are no longer in place and fallen to the bottom. Re designing and constructing a waterfall that your just not quite happy with. Adding new waterfalls and enlarging your pond size anything is possible. we have changed ordinary ponds into outdoor hot tubs, turned hill sides into large streams, you dream it we can build it. We can definitely turn your existing pond into the pond you have always wanted imagined and dreamed of, and your neighbors wishing and wanting what you have.

Water Feature / Pond Repair

 *Pond Leaks
A leaky pond can be an extremely disheartening and frustrating experience. When this happens the first thing we do is walk you through a leak test to determine if the leak is in the actual pond itself, or in the waterfall portion of your water feature. Once we narrow it down together we come out and determine the actual cause. Thisprocess can be be a wide variety of issues we must look at. Such as low edges, to a hole in a pond liner, a leaking pond skimmer, pond filtration, pond plumbing. Whatever that issue is we can help you find it and fix it. get your peace of mind back.

*Pond water clarity issues
If you have a quarter and drop that quarter down to the bottom of your pond and unable to see that very same quarter there is a good chance that some part of your ponds ecosystem is not functioning correctly and or failed at this point, and something needs to be repaired or replaced. Do you have a green or even black water in your pond? we can figure out why.

*Pond filter Repairs
Pond filtration is the heart of your ponds ecosystem. Just like in us humans when something fails we get sick, that same concept applies in your water feature. When one part of the system ( POND PUMP, POND SKIMMER, BIOLOGICAL FILTERS ) fails the entire water feature is pretty much rendered inoperable. We can diagnose, repair, or replace any mechanical filtration products on the market today and get your feature back healthy again.

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