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Specializing in water features and landscape lighting systems, we offer a complete suite of services  for owners of gardens and landscapes.  

We have a passion for creating, building, and installing systems -- converting your vision of your yard to reality.  We can also restore, renovate, and maintain your existing landscape systems.  

-Water Feature/Pond Cleaning, Renovation, Repair, & Maintenance

-Landscape Lighting Installation, Repair, Renovation, & Maintenance

-Drainage Installation & Repair

-Irrigation Renovation & Repair

-Backflow Testing & Repair

-Pressure Washing, Beauty Bark, & Other Cosmetic Services


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 Garden ponds and waterfalls are picturesque, and splendor to your front or backyard landscape design. In one feature your yard will turn from ordinary to extraordinary. You can highlight your pond by planting flowers or bushes, but its not necessary, ponds are appealing all on their own


Water features can be a key selling point. If you are in the process of perhaps selling your home or thinking of doing so.Be sure to point out your water feature to your real estate agent, appraisers can increase the value of your home if they find features that enhance the homes appeal. When you compare two homes one with and one without a water feature we already know the answer which one will sell first, and which one will sell for more


Birds and other small animals such as frogs, squirrels and snails will use your water feature as a source of food and drink . Birds are attracted to water, so your water feature will help the natural environment be re creating their natural habitat a small sanctuary for birds to bath and refresh themselves. Many people have identified the increased number of birds that have come to visit there yards


A Water feature/Pond gives you the homeowner a chance to own various species of fish the most common types Koi, and goldfish. Many fish species require a large living space and a pond can provide just that.


Drowning out ill wanted noise is a major issue. Is your home located on or situated nearby a busy, or high traffic road? Many homeowners who have this issue who have a waterfall in their yard reported back frequently that one simple and major benefit of having a landscape waterfall helps greatly reduce traffic noise to the extent that all u hear is the trickling sounds of water splashing down across the rockery down the fall into the pond.


A sanctuary for you and your guests. Wouldn't it be nice to have and feel like your on vacation at home. A place to gather around with your loved ones and friends. Also at times enjoy peace and quiet alone time with your favorite morning and evening beverages re coup from the workday and stress from everyday lifes issues, and rest with the sound of peaceful water and the movement of graceful fish below at your fingertips.


Introduce a learning tool for children. If you happen to have children/grand children it can possibly be the greatest gift you can give them. adding a Water feature has huge benefits for children and young kids. Most kids today can't find a reason to get off the couch, off the phone, or video games with technology these days and get back outside. A pond in the yard will entertain them for years. It will be endless exploration. They can learn all about ecosystems and nature. They can record and find and photograph the plants, insects, and animals they see and find that frequent the pond. Learn responsibility of ownership and care for animal health and saftey.


Bragging rights, most people are humbled and reserved when it comes to this topic. No one really comes out and just brag's about there place, or things but they do get a great enjoyment when friends and family comment on there water feature in your yard. Each person will have something different to say and comment on. Time after time this will happen as your ponds never the same day after day. Many just stand there and observing the waterfalls or streams. When your having an outdoor gathering it quickly becomes the natural meeting place and a topic of conversation

Water On The Rocks

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