Water On The Rocks

Water Features, Outdoor Lighting, & Water Management

Specializing in water features and landscape lighting systems, we offer a complete suite of services  for owners of gardens and landscapes.  

We have a passion for creating, building, and installing systems -- converting your vision of your yard to reality.  We can also restore, renovate, and maintain your existing landscape systems.  

-Water Feature/Pond Cleaning, Renovation, Repair, & Maintenance

-Landscape Lighting Installation, Repair, Renovation, & Maintenance

-Drainage Installation & Repair

-Irrigation Renovation & Repair

-Backflow Testing & Repair

-Pressure Washing, Beauty Bark, & Other Cosmetic Services


Thank you for visiting our site -- please visit our instagram page for updated project pics or stop by our facebook page for our latest news and updates.  As always, contact us any time -- we'd love to answer your questions and discuss your next project!

 Water On The Rocks particularly Derek the founder and owner of the company, it's taken years of study, trial and even error and many a days hiking around all of Western Washington to get to this point. Our process is still evolving daily and yearly as new ideas are always introduced by you our clients and our team members as well . As we seek new inspiration and experiment with cutting edge techniques i train my employees to create structurally sound, natural looking appearance, low maintenance water features. you will notice a number of unique concepts in all our pondscape projects. See our photo gallery

you will never see exposed pond liners, pipes, pump filters or other materials that shouldn't be seen in view. Viewing plumbing fixtures is not part of our design philosophy or practice. We love the question we get from our clients " how did you do that where is that water coming from" and when we here that we know we have done our job and well.

In order for us to achieve that question, we need to hide the water source from as many view points as possible. it's creating an illusion that the waterfall or stream continues beyond the field of view, or flowing directly out of a mountain hillside to trick the mind into a believable system.

We will never create what we call the strait line effect which is all rocks of the same size and color going all the same way either up and down or strait sideways side by side. Many pond contractors practice this method to save time, as that method takes little skill and goes rather fast. thereby ruining any chance hope for a natural look. As mother nature doesn't make every rock or boulder go the same way to look the same. We hand pick EACH and EVERY single boulder that goes into your pond or waterfall countless time at the quarry as each feature deserves to be unique, one of a kind, different and prideful. We at Water On The Rocks believe this to be a true art form.

Notice the use of our boulders in every project, always an array of colors, as we have realized that creative use of boulder style we use is the only way to fully create natural looking Water gardens.


It's the details that matter the small stuff at the end that makes our ponds stand out to others out there. many hours are spent tweaking water flow, positioning rockery just right, adjustments and re adjustments to get everything just right. Nature after all is a tough act to match and re create.

Water On The Rocks

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Serving:  Woodinville, Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Mill Creek, Bothell, Issaquah,

Sammamish, Carnation, Duvall, Snohomish, Kenmore, and surrounding areas.